It is said that behind every successful company is a man of great vision. Those words hold true for Rent-A-Amp sound company and its leader Martin Boodoosingh.

Mr. Boodoosingh’s foresight also led to the formation of two other leading subsidiary companies Standby Power Limited and Unlimited Power Tools which both compliment Rent-A-Amp Sound Company.


Rent-A-Amp Sound Company, incorporated in 1987 providing DJ services has now evolved into the leading one stop shop for full entertainment productions in the Caribbean..

Today Rent-A-Amp Sound Company provides a wide range of State Of the Art Equipment for the entertainment industry which includes P.A systems, Lighting, Stages, Roofs, Generators and Effects.

What makes Rent-A-Amp the most

At Rent-A-Amp we not only provide State of the Art equipment but we also offer top notch engineering expertise. Our management team is constantly monitoring the trends in the market place and keeping up with advance technology to always ensure that our customer’s events are unique and diverse.

Together with our dedicated staff, our company is known to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that our customer’s events are always a success. Our management team garnered from the best comes with years of experience and extensive knowledge in the business.

Over the years

Over the years we have managed to do simple sound systems for events such as the Bath Tub Derby to meeting full international production standards for various Caribbean Jazz Festivals, featuring artiste such as Elton John, Julio Iglesias, Sting, Diana Ross and the list goes on. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to capabilities of Rent-A-Amp Sound Company and the level of production that we can provide.

Rent-A-Amp Sound Company will continue to invest in the entertainment industry to ensure that as a small Caribbean island we exceed the expectations of the fast moving international standards.